March 18, 2014

Instagram Picks

I don't have a fancy camera to take photos with (and I probably would never carry one around with me if I did) but I do enjoy collecting a few snaps of what I'm doing on my phone and posting to Instagram.

Here is a collection of shots I've taken that I quite like:

Melody Mackereth and the Glorious Bandits Instagram Picks

Description Clockwise from top left:
1. When I went to buy my car a couple of years ago it was being stored behind the shops on the main street of Clevedon.
2. I have always loved the name 'Holland Road', which is on the 1b route from Auckland to Cambridge. Mumford and Sons must have liked the name too because it's the name of one of their songs.
3. Andrew and I split our honeymoon into two locations, this is the cabin where we spent week two (Mt Hiwi Lodge in Taranaki).
4. Taken on a short tramp in the Hunua Ranges. Amazing what beauty you can find so close to home.
5. My favourite fox mug I bought from Starbucks. The tail for a handle is too cool!
6. Cape Reinga (top of New Zealand). Love the bright colours in this photo.

Photos are from my Instagram account.

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