April 2, 2014

Instagram Picks

Here's some more of my Instagram favourites from the past little while (all from my account).

Instagram Picks from Glorious Bandits Blog
Clockwise from top left:
1. Hunua Falls on the outskirts of Auckland
2. Awesome property down the end of a 'service lane' in Ruakaka. I was staying at a friends bach next door.
3. Kiwi musician Luke Thompson performing at 'GAPS', Privately owned Grading and Packing Shed where a couple of intimate (max 50 seats) shows have been held. Love seeing the exposed rafters.
4. Crazy ground level fog Andrew and I saw on our Milford Sounds Tour (from our Queenstown Honeymoon). This was seen on the bus ride to Milford Sounds from QT.
5. A pair of my favourite socks from Vanishing Elephant. Perfect for Autumn and Winter.
6. This shot was taken part way through the Tongariro Crossing (Ruapehu). Has some amazing views, would definitely recommend if you are at least moderately fit.

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